Our Team

Meet Camila Johansson, a dedicated pool expert with over a decade of experience in helping pool owners enhance their pool enjoyment and maintenance. Camila’s journey in the world of pools began when she worked as a summer lifeguard during her teenage years. Intrigued by the complexities of pool maintenance and safety, she delved deeper into the field, expanding her expertise through various roles, including pool technician and pool safety advisor.

Camila is renowned for her ability to translate complex pool-related concepts into easy-to-understand advice that caters to both novices and seasoned pool owners. Her passion for educating others about pools is evident through her extensive work on various educational platforms and community workshops, where she shares her knowledge on everything from routine maintenance to innovative pool technologies.

Her expertise encompasses a broad range of topics:

  • Pool Cleaning Tips: Camila provides practical and effective methods to keep pools pristine. She emphasizes eco-friendly practices and introduces her audience to the latest tools that make pool cleaning less of a chore.
  • Fun Pool Games: Believing that pools are the heart of summer fun, Camila has curated a collection of engaging and safe pool games that can be enjoyed by families and friends of all ages.
  • Safe Swimming Rules: Safety is a critical aspect of Camila’s teachings. She is committed to promoting safe swimming practices, highlighting the importance of supervision, proper swimwear, and understanding of pool rules to prevent accidents.
  • Pool Water Balance: With a knack for simplifying scientific concepts, Camila educates pool owners on maintaining the ideal chemical balance in their pools, ensuring safe and comfortable swimming conditions.
  • Cool Pool Gadgets: Always on the pulse of the latest pool technology, Camila reviews and recommends gadgets that enhance the pool experience, from automated cleaning systems to energy-efficient pumps.

Camila is driven by a mission to ensure that every pool owner has the knowledge and resources to efficiently manage and enjoy their pools. Her friendly approach and deep knowledge make her a trusted figure in the pool community, where she continues to inspire and educate on the joys and responsibilities of pool ownership.

Email: camila@splashthepool.com